Casing and Screen Pipes

These pipes are manufactured in the range of 40mm to 300mm diameters and are classified as per IS:12818:1992 in CM (40 to 300mm), CS(150 to 300mm) and RS(40 to 200mm). The CM Pipes are suitable for medium depth wells (above 80mtr and upto 250mtr.) whereas CS Pipes are suitable for Shallow depth wells (upto 80mtr.). These pipes are available in blue colour and are supplied in nominal length of 3 meters.These pipes have male threads at one end and female threads at the socket end in accordance with basic profile for metric trapezoidal and IS: 554 which fit snugly without couplers.UPVC Threaded Screen and Casing Pipes for Bore/Tubewell System are as per IS 12818:1992 and DIN 4925.


Salient Features

  • Smoother bore gives better flow characteristics in comparison to GI/CI/DI and RCC pipes.
  • Light weight facilitates easy handling, transportation & installation.
  • Odourless and hygienic for transporting potable water as they are not subject to contamination.
  • Long lasting PVC is free from weakness caused by scale formation, rusting, weathering & chemical action.
  • Durable and maintenance free as compared to other conventional casing pipes.
  • The socket and spigot with suitable thread make them easy to install and requires no welding equipments and generators.


  • Domestic, irrigation and industrial wells and mines
  • Potable water supply systems
  • Agricultural and Irrigation schemes

SDR Series Blue Casing Pipes


Salient Features and Applications

  • Corrosion free.
  • Economical than other conventional casings.
  • Do not support bacterial growth and resistant to most of the chemical reactions.
  • Durable and maintenance free as compared to other conventional casing pipes.
  • Smooth finish inner surface insures better flow properties and no friction losses.
  • Easy to handle and install because of its low weight iin comparison to conventional pipes.
  • Used in tube wells as well as in hand pumps.
  • Used in domestic wells, irrigation wells, industrial wells and mines.
  • Used as underground casing pipes which are laid to pass cables and other pipelines to carry liquid, gas or other fluids.
  • Well accepted by construction industry in India & abroad.
  • SDR Pipes are available in series SDR 52, 44 and 35 from 110 mm to 250 mm.

For DIN-4925 specifications download link
For IS-12818 specifications download link

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