uPVC Column Pipes

uPVC Threaded Column Pipes are designed and developed by POLYSIL for submersible pumps and are also available as per ASTM D-1785 standard. Polysil adopted Bi-axial technology for pipes and specially designed thread profile at both ends for jointing couplers with PVC wire locking technology. The pipes are manufactured in the range of 1’’ to 5’’ diameters with the wall thicknesses as designed by Polysil and also as available according to ASTM D-1785 (SCH-80 & SCH-120). The Pipes are available in white Colour and supplied in nominal length of 3.0 meters.

Salient Features

  • Bi-axial technology gives high tenacity and high impact strength.
  • Specially designed thread profile for maximum load capacity and easy assembly.
  • EPDM rings for leak proof joints and jerk absorbsion.
  • PVC wire locking arrangement to avoid pipe slippage in the bore.
  • Specially designed POLYSIL EPDM `L’ Ring which sustains extra jerk load when the pump is switched on or off.
  • Efficient pumping due to low friction loss resulting in energy saving.
  • Fast lowering and pulling of pumps.
  • Low installation cost.
  • Light in weight offers easy handling and transportation in comparison to GI pipes.


  • Bore well/tube well system
  • Potable water supply system
  • Agricultural and irrigation scheme
  • Urban and rural areas drinking water supply scheme

For ASTM D-1785 specifications download link
For specifications Polysil Column Pipe Load Carrying Capacity download link

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