UPVC Pipes

The “POLYSIL“ UPVC Plain/Solvent Joint Pressure Pipes have one end self-socketed and the other end plain, which fits snugly without the use of couplers. We are manufacturing “POLYSIL“ UPVC Plain/ self-socketed pipes for potable water supply as per IS:4985:2000, BS 3505, DIN 8062, and ISO : 4422-2 and ASTM D-1785 standards as per the customer requirement. We make “POLYSIL” Socketed pipes in the range of 20 mm to 315 mm diameters with 2.5, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12.5 kgf/cm2 working pressures. “ POLYSIL” Socketed pipes are supplied in standard length of 6 mts. exclusive of socket portion in grey colour, however we have flexibility to supply in different lengths and colours as per the customer requirements. We are manufacturing the “ POLYSIL “ UPVC Pipes with latest technology fully automated machines. We are having full fledged and well equipped Laboratory to do all inspections as per the various standards before despatches.


Salient Features

  • Minimizes frictional losses and scaling due to precipitation.
  • Smoother bore gives better flow characteristics in comparison to GI/CI/DI or RCC pipes.
  • Light weight offers total economy in handling, transportation & installation.
  • Resistant to chemicals, electrolytic and galvanic corrosion.
  • Odourless and hygienic for transporting potable water as they are not subject to contamination.
  • Self-extinguishing quality eliminates need for fire resistant coating.
  • Longer lasting PVC is free from weaknesses caused by scale formation, rusting, weathering & chemical .


  • Potable water supply system
  • Agricultural and irrigation schemes
  • Urban and rural areas drinking water supply schemes
  • Industrial/Chemical effluent disposal system
  • Bio-gas and oil distribution lines
  • Acid and slurries transportation
  • Subsoil drainage systems
  • Telecommunication cable duct

For IS-4985 specifications download link
For BSS-3505 specifications download link
For DIN-8062 specifications download link
For ISO-4422-2 specifications download link

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